Sunday, October 11, 2009

Car Booting - Atlanta, GA Complaints - $50.00 fine for visiting the store

Many residents of Atlanta have complained about unlawful booting:

"Fight Predatory "booting" and towing by boycotting those shopping centers who's property owners hire these companies. Tell the store managers you will not be returning to spend your money there! Tell everyone you know to avoid these places and write about them on the internet! It will make a difference!

NO ONE LIKES HOW THESE SCAMMERS MAKE MONEY!!! They may be legal, but that does not mean they are right! Legality is only a matter of acceptance. If enough people complain, and loudly, then the laws will change!

I am a victim too. The "Disco Kroger" parking lot at 3330 Piedmont Rd. near where Piedmont crosses Peachtree Rd. is one of these places. It is regularly patrolled by men in white vans who work for EPS, a company that will place a tire lock on your car if you leave the parking lot for ANY LENGTH OF TIME. You will be charged $50, and in my case they will claim they can run your credit card for the money, cancel the transaction, and require cash to remove the boot. Don't ever pay them in cash! If you pay them through your credit card company, you can dispute the charge. If necessary, I recommend calling a police officer (which I didn't do but should have) to act as a liason to keep the EPS employee straight and honest, and keep you safe. These "employees" will get confrontational with you if you get angry! BEWARE!!

EPS is located at Peachtree Street, Suite 400 Atlanta, Ga 30303 (404) 605-9242.

The Property owners of the Disco Kroger Shopping Center are Equity One Inc. Located at 1600 NE Miami Gardens Dr
North Miami Beach, FL 33179 (305) 947-1664"



  1. I had my car booted today at 132 Luckie St in downtown Atlanta. The parking lot has signs saying $4 flat fee, and I paid my $4 and the ticket said that it expired the next day at 6am. When I got back to my car at 9pm, had clamps on both wheels, so I called the number on the orange sticker on my window saying that my car was clamped for absolutely no reason whatsoever. In about 60 seconds flat a guy turned up and told me that my car was booted because I apparently did an "in and out", meaning that I drove out of the car park after

    The constitution says that nobody shall be deprived of their property or livelihood without due process of law. This is not just lack of process of law, it's a complete fabrication, and they know they can keep getting away with it until there is some kind of massive class action or car booting is outlawed altogether, or there is some law put in place that says they must actually SHOW the evidence, rather than just saying "yes we have evidence".

    1. can you send me a copy of the sticker and copy of receipt maybe i can help
      robbenline at yahoo (dot)com

    2. On Saturday, January 30 I parked in parking space no. 23 at Lot 130 (130 Luckie Street, Atlanta, GA 30303). When I went to pay my fee, there was a gentlemen standing in front of the fare box trying to pay his fee. He seemed unable to follow the directions, and decided to park elsewhere. However, he apparently started the fee box. After he left, I attempted to pay my fee, but because he started the fee process, I inadvertently paid his fee without knowledge until my receipt printed with his parking space number (17) on it. Having already paid his fee, and not being able to correct this mistake, I placed his No. 17 Receipt No. 024319 on my dashboard.

      When I returned to my car parked in space 23, there was a boot on my car with an accompanying window decal with a number to call, but without an extension. As I dialed the posted number (770-999-0686), the parking attendant arrived and stated he had to get his clipboard. When the parking attendant returned, I tried to explain to him the mix-up. He basically refused to listen to my extenuating circumstance, asked me several times if I paid my fee, and told me I should have just canceled the ticket. I reiterated to this parking attendant several times that I could not cancel my fee after having already paid. He asked me why didn't I just come back, and I replied that I couldn't. I actually was not fully aware of what I had paid for due to the gentleman who started the fee box before me.

      Ultimately Ticket No. 17 did not match Space No. 23 in which my vehicle was parked.

      I am requesting that Advanced Booting Services, Inc. please reimburse me the $75 fine that was wrongfully served as I rightly paid my parking fee upfront, but under anther customer's ticket. Additionally, this wrongful $75 fine adversely affected my finances as my rent was due the next day. I can provide several attachments documenting this clearly wrongful incident that visibly caused me undue stress.

    3. The boot man refused to give us his company card or name. He was stalking our vehicle upon our return to vehicle from our family trip of 4 days,Shereton stay wrapped up at Coca Cola and then on to the road.But we received a hell felt welcome from your strange stalker like employee if that what he was...No Stars! They suck and prey on out of state tags. As soon as you go over 1 minute they are literally booting your vehicle! $75.00. The way you pay for time is not specific in the amount of time you are paying to park, leaving out of state/ visitors thinking they are all good for the time spent at Centinial Park, Coco Cola ect.... Come to find out, it is their plot and plan and scheme of things to make money of of people already spending money for the attractions. Atlanta Fucking sucks! I will never return to Atlanta and offer my money/hard earned vacation to such a sad decietfulness place! I want my money back, get a real job you cheaters!

  2. I hate to say it but until a huge amount of citizens start beating the hell out of these clampers nothings gonna change. It all goes back to the old school beating. Ration or reason never works, but a good beating people remember.

    1. I got this scumbag's license plate and had a friend look up their address from his registration. He is about to learn every possible meaning of the word 'medieval!' Let's just say I will be getting my money's worth!

  3. ^

    You are mistaken here. Since the act of booting by private citizens, specifically when done in this manner, is inherently criminal, the best approach is via the courts.

    Why criminalize yourself in the process? Moreover, by acting like a thug, you only legitimize their practice by showing that the booters are up against violent people.

    I'd suggest you rethink your strategy. See that number on the right? Call your congressmen. I called mine and this week I'll be bringing this before the City Council.

    As to lawsuits, I sued the bootman and he quit his job right after. We need more people to take MY approach and beat them by informing them that we are on to their scam.

    Thanks for commenting.


  4. Beware 556 Courland. Parked there yesterday in spot 24 and returned less than an hour later because my doctor had asked me to return. There is no warning on either of the two erected signs, nor is there such warning on the ticketed receipt. EPS owner Chip Schmeelk originally insisted that my ticket offered such a warning; then I read him verbatim the information on the ticket, resulting in him acknowledging that they just bought the lot. He then "sent someone down to the lot" and sent me a picture reflecting the signage -- it's obvious that it is a NEWLY ADHESIVE SIGN on the ticketing machine, NOT on either of the two erected signs. I am disputing this with my bank. His company is a complete fraud, and they are scumbags.

    1. First of all, 556 Courtland doesn't have a machine, it is a coin box.

    2. you have a copy of reciept maybe i can help
      please email me
      robbenline at yahoo (dot) com

    3. People have it all wrong. Since these vehicles are being booted on private property the police will do nothing. Furthermore these places that people love to go the business owners themselves are hiring booters to keep their lots "clean" so basically your favorite places are fucking you with a cactus. You really want to solve the problem? Every single person that gets booted needs to bitch at the property owner every single day until they cancel their contract with said company.

  5. I was in Atlanta, Ga. this weekend with my wife celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. Before leaving on today, 03-29-10, we decided to take a tour of the CNN Center which was great. So, upon arriving to the area, we saw a sign that read $3.00 an hours. So, we paid for 2 hours right at 11:00 a.m. at the Location 164, 123 Marietta St., Central Parking System, Stall #128. We pay, go in knowing the tour was 55 minutes..we took the 11:40 a.m. tour. After the tour, we decided to eat lunch while we were there before heading back to S.C.. As we are entering the parking lot, a gentleman was in the act of putting a boot on our car....I question him, he said our ticket expired at 1:00 p.m...this happen at 1:40 p.m..I told him there was no "notice about booting", he didn't say a word and said it would cost $75.00 to have it remove...I had no choice because we were wanting to return home.

    I am trying to get my bank to dispute the charge since I used a debit card. The company that put the boot on my car is Boot Man, Inc., d/b/a Premier Parking Enforcement, 925B Peachtree St., #379, Atlanta, GA 30309...866-647-1677. The number is to a dispatch location and their response is to write a letter. I will do that and cc the City of Atlanta, GA. and CNN Center. I am trying to call some news station there in Atlanta. This last incident spoiled a wonderful getaway in Atlanta.....

    1. How interesting!The same thing happened to me just yesterday which is the reason I am on this website!Here is the interesting thing: WITH THE SAME EXACT COMPANY! Only I am in Houston, Tx. OMG! They charged me a total of $112 dollars.This is an outrage! I am taking it to a hearing!!!! That's my right!Lets do something about these scam artists!!!

    2. I was booted tonight by them, I was in the passenger seat because my friend was trying to talk to them APD officer even drove by as we went in to our venue and didn't stop us to tell us we had to pay. Anyway, when I got out to my car, I had 2 boots on my car, and I threw my credit card across the driver window to pay him, and he wouldn't pick up my credit card to process it, and then he said my signature from my drivers license had to exactly match my signature, and then he took off the boots once I did it as a CREDIT CARD transaction, not debit. These guys are scam artists and they hide signs about getting booted. I am tearing them down for having worked at a booting company and knowing what shady stuff they do. I will tear them down with you!

    3. I was booted in the same lot yesterday for not placing the receipt on my dash. Guy said he saw me pay and the machine indicated I paid, but got two boots placed on my car. Cost me $78.00 to park for 1-1/2 hours. There were no visible signs about booting. It's a racket and I hope all the motherfuckers associated with PPE die excruciating, horrible deaths!

    4. FYI - There are white booting signs as you enter 123 Marietta as required by the City of Atlanta code enforcement, signs near the machines stating what you can be booted for. Expiration of ticket, transfer of ticket (resale), not paying, at all, etc. Premier, as all booting companies do, has the ability to pull stall reports from the machines to see if you have aid, whether or not you have a ticket. They chalk tires to see if the vehicle has moved or been replaced by another vehicle (resale or transfer), and videotape everything should you decide to pursue a court case against them.

      Since the rate is $3 for the first hour, and you aid you were there for 1.5 hours, what is the issue? How else would someone enforce your parking 30 minutes for free?

      Lastly, all parking companies use 3rd party booting companies. The only thing I can recommend to everyone in here is pay for more time than what you think you will be there for. Had you paid $6 for the 2 hours instead of $3 for the one hour, you could have saved yourself $72.

  6. Hello Jack, I'd really like to know how you sued your bootman. I heard it's perfectly legal. And Tony, the very same company booted me at Boulevard and Ralph McGill, in Atlanta. They gave me the same info to complain to. We need to figure out a way to get some satifation.

  7. I got booted last night after attending a concert at the tabernacle. The Parking lot is on the corner of spring and nassau. It is a premier parking lot and the sign says five dollars. Upon entering the parking lot I parked, then got out of my car to find the space number. I could not find it, so I then re-entered my car and moved to a parking space where the lot number was legible. After parking I paid for the space number that I was in at the machine nd put the ticket on the dash. After I attended the concert I returned to my car to find that it had been booted. After waiting 15 minutes the bootman showed up and claimed that I had pulled an in and out because there was no chalk on my car tire. Regardless of how many times i explained to him that I did not move my car, he still insisted that I did. Because I am a broke college student I did not have 75 dollars to give him in cash. So I wrote him a check. However he again insisted upon cashing the check and could not cash it at the 24 hr. check cashing place. Needless to say I still do not have my car, because I have no money. It is sitting in the parking lot, with boots attached....what should I do?

  8. ^ CALL THE MEDIA. CALL 911.

    This is EXTORTION, COERCION, and an UNLAWFUL SEIZURE of your property.

    Make the calls ASAP!

    1. Dumbass it isn't illegal. So yea, go ahead and call 911, be my guest. Waste their time, there is nothing they can do, but keep the peace. Call the media too, I enjoy being on TV.

    2. Hey luke. Watch your bitch ass mouth. You want to antagonize somebody on here, just you fucking wait you thief. Hey everybody should call luke the owner at 404-402-1819. He likes extremely late calls like at 1 in the morning.

    3. Where does this fucker Luke work at, Premier?

    4. I carry a boot key on me so I can unlock it and drive off.

  9. Just got a $75.00 boot at 7th and Peachtree while visiting the Vortex. HUGE "Free Public Parking - 1 hour" sign within 15 steps of where I parked. No other signage. The EPS guy even said, when I pointed this out to him, "Ya that is pretty misleading, but there's nothing I can do. You can call a number on the ticket." HA! Like that will help. I've called twice, nothing. I took pictures of the sign, my location of the car, the spot I parked in (all white lines, nothing signaling "don't park here") and the street location.

    I've included a few here. There was ZERO VISIBLE signage about illegal parking. When the guy came up, he pointed an illegal parking sign far as hell away and three times the height of eye level (I have a picture) I told him you've got to be kidding me.

    I'm calling the SPIRES building tomorrow (404-815-1234) to complain and EPS (again). I'll also be calling Clark Howard and Channel 2 and 11.

    It's not even about the $75 anymore. I was giving someone my business and got repaid with a $75 boot. I swear the EPS guy KNEW that sign was there and was still booting people. I hope he sleeps well at night knowing he is ripping honest people off with his company's scam. Personally, I would never, ever work at a company like that. They provide almost no value to society.

    I've included a picture of my car and the HUGE sign. Decide for yourself.

    my email is lburrell22 (at)


    I've called EPS (they agree with me after seeing the pictures I sent them) but say it is out of their control. I talked to Brandon Cunningham (Property manager at Spires) and he said, "I admit the sign is confusing, but sorry, I'm not giving you your money back." He was INCREDIBLY rude and, even while admitting his mistake of having the sign out there and it misleading patrons, refused to do anything for me or the issue. I am incredibly frustrated.

    Also, contested the charge with my credit card, and they won't take it off because they say I received what I paid for, which was to get the boot off. Ah yes! Right!

    Is there anything else I (we as an entire group) can do??

    1. I saw your posting and I don't know if you're interested but we just filed a CLASS ACTION against Empire Parking and Advanced Booting here in Fulton County. We are looking for people such as yourself and others mentioned in your post and all over the internet who have been victimized. All the police will tell a victim is that it's a civil matter but if you try to remove a boot, straight to jail. No due process or mechanisms in place to dispute or to correct an illegal seizure of your property. We are going to try but we need more people to come forward. Thank you for taking a look at my post. If you are interested you can contact James Hugh Potts II or myself at the office number below. Have a great day!-- 4048120000

    2. Empire sucks. Dispute their charges. You will win.

    3. I just got booted by Advanced Booting Services in Miami for parking in a handicapped parking spot in a private lo(I know it was wrong to do so). I was charged $89 to release my car. What can I do?

  10. Brandon's number is 404-961-7944 if anyone else has an issue similar to mine

  11. "
    Also, contested the charge with my credit card, and they won't take it off because they say I received what I paid for, which was to get the boot off. Ah yes! Right! "

    Wrong. You were "coerced" into buying something you did not want. Look up the legal definition. What you need to do is file a civil suit for your states maximum. Your 4th Amendment rights were violated. Take them to court over it ASAP.

  12. On June 7, 2010, I parked my car in the Laz Parking lot at 226 Courtland Street at 9:26AM. After paying the A$8 fee and placing the receipt on the dash, I left for my office. Upon returning to my car at 5:20PM, I found my car booted. About 20 minutes of trying to speak to someone at the number provided on the immobilization notice, a guy pulls up and ask me if I am ready to pay the $75. I asked why was the car booted? He accused me of an in/out violation! My car sat in that parking lot for nearly 8 hours and never once left the parking lot. I tried to explain this to him and offered to provide proof that I had not left the office that day, but he refused to listen, accused me of lying and said to call him when I am ready to pay the $75 and abruptly drove off. About 30 minutes later after speaking to his manager, who took the employee side and said I had no option but to pay the fine, the employee returns. His manager had told me my tire was not chalked and the employee had monitored my car three times. I checked my tires and there was indeed a chalk mark. I told the employee this, but he argued that there was NOT a chalk mark. He finally got out of his car after I insisted, and when I pointed out the chalk mark, his story changed. Now he claims that yes he did chalk my tire, but rubbed it off once he realized i violated the in/out policy. I also ask how he monitored the vehicles and he showed me a handwritten spreadsheet on which he had printed the description of my car and the times he had monitored the car, the first time being 9:15AM! I explained that I was not even in the parking lot at 9:15AM- look at my receipt! He replied that he was not going to waste time arguing with me, that he had things to do and to call when I am ready to pay the $75.
    Of course, what other option did I have? I had to get home. So an hour after I discovered the erroneously placed boot, the boot was removed and I was free to go home!
    The name of the parking service company is Empire Parking Services (EPS)
    If you or someone you know has had a similar experience with EPS, please email me at

  13. Have anyone heard of L.E.D SERVICES they booted my car yesterday near the amtrack train station You can contact me via email @

  14. Stay away from the parking lot on John Wesley across from the GSU dorms. I parked my car last Friday. I inserted my $5 into the slot number that my car was parked in (The fee is $4 but I only had a $5). Two workers happened to arrive when I did and saw me put my money in the slot. I returned after work to find my car booted. I have never in my life had someone get away with such a BOLD faced lie. I called the APD and they were no help. I told the Boot Man Inc./Premier Parking employee I had paid my fee and I had 2 witnesses that saw me pay. He admitted he had my $5 and would not remove the boot until I paid the $75. I currently have 2 jobs downtown and I come into contact with hundreds of people. I will do my best to spread the word and I still might persue to legal route. The parking lot and the boot company are running a scam and the APD is turning it's head. I'm so glad I don't live in Atlanta--I never will and I will not come downtown anymore unless I absolutely have to. I have no sympathy for Atlanta's financial woes unless they do something to stop scammers like these companies. It's hard to believe people make a living being so dishonest. I am getting ready to file letters of complaint with local agencies.

  15. ^

    Yes. Please pursue them in court. Your rights were violated.


  16. My family and I were attending the National Black Arts festival at Centennial Park.
    We were parked near the the Park in a Premier Parking Lot.
    The advertised sign stated $3 parking. We paid.
    When we returned our car was Booted.
    We had to pay $75 dollars to get the boot Off.
    I want to support activities given by the city, but I will not continue to support if this "Racket" is allowed by our city government!

  17. I was booted by the Boot Man in Atlanta. Now, every time I drive by the Atlanta Medical Center (where the Boot Man sits and waits for people to leave their car unattended at the BP gas station)I do something to harass the Boot Man. Nothing too harmful, but I will pull over and park right in front of the man who sits in his car and take care of several phone calls. He seems to get irritated when he can't see the parking lot from his truck window.

    Today was by the best... I pulled up and parked to let my brother run across the street to get Chick Fil A ..... AND the Boot Man was asleep in his car (his car has a sign on the side so you can spot him easily) SO I had to honk a few times to make sure he woke up.

    I will continue to do this because it makes me feels pretty good inside. sad I know

  18. Beware of the BP Station/Convenience store at 356 Boulevard Northeast right across the street from the Atlanta Medical Center. Premier Parking Enforcement booted my car earlier today even though I was parked there for 5 minutes because I went across the street to the chick-fil-a first and then went inside the BP convenience store. They charged me $75 dollars to have the damn boot removed even though I had purchased an item from BP before discovering the boot!!! What a bunch of criminals!

  19. Without the bootman however, parking lots would be overrun with people not paying and they would be shut down and closed off because they cant pay the lease on the property, then there is no parking besides parking decks which are about 20 dollars to park for a day. some say that its cheaper that way because you wont get booted but there are plenty of people who park in the pay lots where booting is enforced everyday and they never get booted. probably because they have a brain and can read the dozens of signs posted around the lots. want to know how not to get booted guys. I'll tell you....READ!

    1. PPE's days are numbered, Luke. Sands in the hour glass. Better put that fiddle away and get on that ant tip. And you provide zero spin value. You are the definition of entropy. And you're probably a DLB.

    2. Yes, all you have to do is read! I suggest the other option. Stay out of Atlanta. Don't go to events in Atlanta.

  20. ^

    Take your own advice and read some of the articles on this site. You obviously have a 5h graders understanding of property rights and NO understanding of due process of law.

  21. You can't just park ON PRIVATE PROPERTY and expect nothing to happen. When you pull on to these lots you are accepting the terms of agreement as posted. If you don't accept the terms then don't park there. That simple.

    1. I agree if you want to park in a private parking lot then pay the price. All of you people are so ignorant. These booting companies are affiliated with the police department. Moreover, the business ownerrs are the ones that hired this booting companies. Be my guest call the police. In addition to this, if you ever beat up one of these booting companies employee you are going to be charge with assault and make your life worse to beging with. Booting employees are just that employees, they are trying to make a decent living. It is not their fault, they can make easy money by being drug dealers, but they are choosing a job that is not an easy one. They have to put up with people BS and anger.
      Get a life, all you people are violating the law. That's it bottom line.


    2. Decent? What a crock of shit. Theses people are all thieves. They do not one thing that helps society. The are leaches that suck off of anybody that actually has something to do downtown.

  22. Listen, ALL CAPS BOY:

    There is a reason why this is a contentious issue--because it's not as simple as you think it is.

    I'm sorry you are incapable of seeing outside your brutish little box. Move along. Those of us who respect the rule of law don't need your blind ignorant ravings.

  23. Thank you for proving my point you can't even make a valid argument. All you have done I insult me. The reason mist people are upset about it is because they don't want to admit they were wrong. That said yes there is some ilegitimate booting that occurs. They would exist if property management didn't want them to boot people who park and keep customs away by filling parking without being s customer.

  24. Doesn't booting block a space?

    And what if the person meant to pay but didn't have change? Why the preemptive booting?

    And you should look up "due process." Your ignorance is alarming.

  25. My fiance and I visited a convention this weekend. On Sunday we parked in a lot, paid a hefty $20 fee for the privilege of parking until 3 AM and were subsequently booted somewhere around 8 PM that evening. When we asked why the attendant claimed we moved our car. We had not. It would not have been possible to move the car and return to the exact space with the traffic in the area. His story as to why he thought we had moved the car changed from moment to moment (the hood was hot then the wheels were hot, nothing added up.) We challenged him and he told us to call the police but he was not going to remove the boot. An officer arrived on the scene and corroborated our claim we had credit card receipts as evidence of our activities throughout the day in a 3 block radius not to mention the unsightly pile of accumulated bird droppings that matched the other vehicles on either side of our car.

    The next representative of the parking company basically said that it was a private lot, he would not remove the boot, proof or no proof and we were free to sue them. We filed a police report and paid the additional $75 fee with a credit card. So far, my credit card company won't allow me to dispute this.

    But it is not really the money that irks me. It is the time I spent in the parking lot where I was essentially being illegally held against my will. The police officer said this happens quite frequently and there was really nothing he could do for us. With the number of convention attendees in town this weekend there is an amazing amount of money this company would stand to make by defrauding their customers and violating their civil liberties. I understand that times are hard but this is just WRONG.

    The company in question is the much-hated EPS, 1039 Grant Street, Atlanta, 30315, (404) 729-3955.

    I want to sue, on principle, but have no idea where to start.

  26. has anyone found a contact number for Bootman, DBA, preimer parking enoforcement, in atlanta?

  27. i was in new orleans louisiana at the hospital when i arrived a lady saw us going to buy a ticket and said she had changed her mind and bought a ticket for that slot but it was the wrong one so she couldn't use it because we were in that slot so she gave us the ticket to use and so they said she couldn't transfer the ticket to us and left we had to pay 104.00 if we wanted the boot taken off our car

  28. Yes, the contact phone number for Bootman, DBA Premier Parking Enforcement in Atlanta is: 770-337-1416. Actually that is the home-office of CEO/Head Booter Luke W. Pope. He also has an "office" on Peachtree street that is simply a mailbox at The UPS Store. Bootman also has a fax number if you want to send him any hard copy, 409-521-4803 or email him at They are always glad to hear from their satisfied customers!

  29. "Premier Parking" is GUILTY! $75 boot "FINE" when their own equipment didn't work! I didn't have the cash and no credit card on me -- had to raid the coffee change at work to pay the #75 "FINE" for a $3.50 parking coat when THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT DIDN't WORK! NEVER PARK At A "PREMIER PARKING" lot (ONLY SHOWS ON THEIR SIGNAGE AS THE LETTER P!

  30. Boot Man Inc. dba/Premiere Parking Enforcement at a FAZ parking lot San Antonio, Texas at the corner of Presa/Durango. We paid the posted price of $5.00 all day weekend fee. Upon returning an $8.00 sign had been taped over the $5.00 price. Several of us had to pay $116.00 to get unbooted. Police were called and they wrote it down as a civil complaint. I have pics.

  31. ^email the pics to and I'll write your comment and pics into it's own posting.

  32. I also was booted by Premier Parking in Atlanta at the CNN center. After reading comments here and reading other websites. I believe I was wronged.
    I work at CNN as a temporary employee, thus I am required to pay for parking. I paid my parking,like I do everyday, but I was not given a receipt this time. However, there was a sign (I have a picture) on the payment machine that said "due to inclement weather, our machine does not always print receipts. However, out parking attendants will be able to tell if you paid or not." I, ignorantly, believed the sign and went to work, and of course, when I came back later that day around 5PM, there was a boot on my car.

    The first thing I thought was...maybe I didn't pay it? So, I check my bank account on my phone and saw a pending transaction from Central Parking Systems for $3.00. Yes, I did pay it. Then, I thought to myself, well I'll just call the bootman and show him the pending transaction on my phone. Then everything will be fine.

    Of course, the bootman arrives, I show him my phone and my bank statement, and show him the sign on the machine that says it doesn't print receipts. He ignores everything I show/tell him, and says "There's not a time on your bank statement, how do I know you didn't just pay for it"

    Then, I thought he does have a good point. But, I looked around me and saw that there was a event that night at a nearby venue. And the parking machine was not in use, and there was only a parking attendant taking up cash for parking for the game. The fee to park was $10.00, up $7.00 from when I park there that morning.

    So, I showed the bootman the $10.00 sign and the parking attendant taking up cash, and said "That's why"....So finally after arguing with the man, I paid it and demanded a receipt and his name. I have his name and the receipt. He says I can mail in my bank statement and information to the address and I may or may not get refunded.

    First, off....I'm not mailing my bank information anywhere....thats just asking for someone to rip open the letter and steal my identity. I want to fight this....but I almost wonder if it is a lost cause.

    I will admit, I know very little about the law, so am I being naive? Or do I actually have a case? Does anyone know the proper steps to getting a refund/filing a civil suit?

  33. I find these complaints to be fairly funny. Yes - of course if your car is booted where signs say "free parking" or if someone is pulling a scam, then by all means you have a right to complain. But the notion that car booting is depriving someone of "due process" is absurd. I own a small business with a driveway to a private parking lot. Hundreds of times over the past few years jerks will either block me in or out of my own parking lot (than has a private gate). If you are going to suggest that my booting a car that parks in front of my gate and causes me to loose time and money, then you are truely crazy. Again, of course it is seriously wrong to boot a car without cause or to "trick" someone. But if there are multiple signs that say "if you park here you will be booted and fined and anytime for any reason" and you still park you car there...then you are idiot and deserve the fine.

  34. Bootman, Inc. aka Premier Parking Enforcement
    Lucas "Luke" Pope owner
    work # 404-433-9235
    cell # 770-427-1694

    Spouse Melissa "Missy" Reynolds Pope runs Bootman aka Premier Parking, Inc from their home located at 1077 Bradshaw Estates Drive, Canton, GA 30155
    home # 770-720-0833
    cell # 770-337-1416

  35. Parking Problems In Metro Atlanta Continue
    Premier Parking Enforcement Boots Cars At Expired Meters
    By Hena Daniels, CBS Atlanta Reporter

    POSTED: 4:35 pm EDT November 3, 2010
    UPDATED: 5:17 pm EDT November 3, 2010

    ›› Email›› Print

    ATLANTA -- The private parking lot across from the CNN Center on Centennial Olympic Park Drive is a popular place to park. Customers pay a machine $3 an hour and there are signs posted everywhere warning people if they don't pay their car will be booted -- but what happens if the machine is having problems?

    "I got to the payment part and it wouldn't read the card very well. I've heard a lot on the news that there are parking issues in Atlanta," said James McGehee.

    Two weeks ago, I parked my car in the lot and came out to pay twice ensuring time wouldn't run out. The third time, however, the machine was out of service not allowing me to pay. When I came back, my car along with three others had been booted with a bright orange sticker on the window telling us to call an 800 number. The number led me to a dispatch center informing me there was no supervisor to talk to and someone would come un-boot my car for $75 on the spot.

    "This is really a ripoff here," sad Elizabeth who doesn't want to reveal her last name. Her car was also booted a few months ago.

    "When the machine is saying it can't take your money and it's out of service they should put something on the machine," continued Elizabeth.

    There are two other machines in the lot that many customers were unaware of.

    CBS Atlanta learned Premier Parking Enforcement also goes as "Boot Man" and has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau.

  36. I think this is a little bit dangerous. I should be aware with this one. By the way thanks for informing us this information. Thanks.

  37. I had to pay $75 to a guy who said he work for Advanced Booting Services. I just as well got robed by a gun and made me give him my hard earn money. I took someone to the bus station, they were going to North Carolina, while I was sitting in my car this guy gets his boot device and put it on my car. After telling him to take it off he said he could do it until he gets $75. America, don't you think its time to stop this foolishness and call this what it is, a rip off. I filing a complaint and law suit against the worker Phillip Appiah and the owner Jeff Phillips to get my money back plus damages.

  38. Something worth noting re: Boot Man’s HQ.

    Just found out that 925-B Peachteee is a total sham address, it is actually the address for the UPS STORE! &

    Suite 379 is actually mail box 379.

  39. Lucas "Luke" Pope owner
    work # 404-433-9235
    cell # 770-427-1694 & 404-521-4803

    Spouse Melissa "Missy" Reynolds Pope runs Bootman aka Premier Parking, Inc from a home office located at 1077 Bradshaw Estates Drive, Canton, GA 30155
    home # 770-720-0833
    cell # 770-337-1416

  40. Wow. I haven't seen so many irresponsible people in my life. The immature notion that somebody owes you something and that you can trespass on property you have no affiliation without recourse is so juvenile.

    It proves that your lack of judgement is parallel to the pious additude of people today.

    It's simple pay to park and you will not get booted. Take responsibility for your actions and stop trying to get over.

    Stop whining when your "I'm holier than thou" ego is shattered by a metal boot attacted to your vehicle. Man up and pay your fine. It's easy.

    Regardless of the intentions of the bootman or the parking attendants. If you do the right thing and park legally you will not get booted.

    Furthermore if you do happen to get booted ask to talk to the supervisor. Converse with them in a adult manner not like an intoxicated or spoiled moron. If you still feel violated then take it to civil court like a normal human being.

    I speak from the experience of being booted. I was in the wrong. I admitted it. The guy was cool even called his super and cleared the fine because I frequented the lot on many occasions as a paying customer. I paid the guy and went about my day.

    Why should I allow the incident to take me out of character and ruin my day. Better yet the few of you who feel taking matters in your own hands. I have news for you.

    They are not your mommy and daddy. This isn't the movies, TV, some music video, or rap song. That's make believe. A fallousy. Entertainment.

    This is real life. Grow up.

    You'll be the most brillant idiot in prison or in the graveyard. For not only can you get arrested for assault. These guys are permitted to carry weapons. And by law allowed to use extreme force if they feel their lives are in danger.

    So to keep that thought in mind when you decide that a good ol' fashion beating is in order. For what... $75 dollars. You need your head examined.

    1. I bet you live in your mom's basement.

    2. I wish it was the case, the only problem is, 75$ is not fair, its a rip off for 6 minutes passed due .
      If its law enforcement giving a ticket, yeah maybe .
      Now a parking lot that you pay 8$ for 4 hours u get there 4:06 later and 75$ is juts not right, maybe pay another 1 hour rate is fair .

    3. YOU need to grow the hell up. No I don't believe in parking for free at a lot. You seem to think all of these people are stupid. SOME of them as well as myself HAVE paid and been booted unfairly. Let's call it what it really is a SCAM and extortion. Until the city comes up with ways to make these lot owners responsible, they will continue to get away with it. You don't have the right to call people names when you DON'T walk in their shoes.
      I don't have a problem suing, I have ALL of my proof. Yahoos...
      I will put them on blast, Front Street whatever you want to call it. I have pictures, names, times to dispute their lies. Everytime you challenge them, they don't come up with a real response, but quote from the script they're reading. This girl ain't afraid of the Atlanta morons/liars/cheaters/scammers. I will see them in court, as for YOU IDIOT, get off of the blog, obviously you must work with the SCAMMERS!

  41. Dear JOEY-Y:

    You're an illiterate, self-righetous prick.

    Read a few articles or case studies before bloviating all over my beautiful blog.


  42. Why? I actually was reading this to see if people have become more aware.

    I'm not saying they're aren't any illegalities going on. I read a few and they're some good cases. Hey I got booted as well. But let's all be realistic and mature for a second. Are you for prevention or for beating the system?

    1. Your advocating if not allowing the call to give the bootmen a "good ol fashion beating" is asking for trouble and legal problems for you and those who read this and act upon it. So are you asking for legislation or bloodshed?

    2.Those who have had legitimate incidents with illegal booting should be heard. So I applaud your actions. However are you relaying information on how to protect yourself from falling victum or after the fact.

    Your approach is a little bias, angry, and manipulative not proactive and preventive.

    Why not help people not get booted by informing them on what to do instead of how to get out of it. From reading your blog All I've concluded is your telling someone how to put out a fire after their house burned down. Not how to put in sprinklers and smoke detectors.

    Sorry you misunderstood my post. But I'm well informed more than you know.

    I'm not here to critique your agenda. I'm against illegal booting. But tell people what to do. Not how to get over.

  43. JOE,

    You are illiterate. Your preconceptions trump reality and you are far, far from rational. Who advocated bloodshed? If anything, a person advocating vigilantism, which is what "booting" is, is the true advocate of force over reason.

    Stay off my blog. I don't argue with irrational brutes.

  44. Its easy, Just follow the posted rules and respect other peoples property. I agree their should be a sign at the entrance to the lot that clearly states the rules the lot owner wishes you to follow. What makes it legal in all cases is, We have a right to protect our property. Read the US Constitution.

  45. I was booted today near GSU. I had trouble with the money machine rejecting my CC (no reason). I paid with a 10 and received 4 dollar coins back. But I failed to put the receipt on the dash. I got back and the car was booted. No problem. I changed the tire and took the boot home with me. I'm gonna let the air out and remove the wheel lock. Then, give them back their boot, but not their 75.00 Next time they better use two "titan grip" wheel locks. I caled the number on the orange sticker so the dummy could go by and find me missing!!! Wish I could have seen the look on his face!!

  46. Great work. It's yours now. He left it on your car. Keep it. It's your trophy.

    1. Yeah, I hope he takes his trophy and busts you in the mouth with it jackass

  47. I was booted today at 46 Wall Street, I moved my car in the deck because when I returned to get a book there was a huge dent on my car. The parking spaces are tiny! I did NOT pay for a space, I paid to park in the deck. When I returned to leave that evening there was the boot. I had a ticket that expires at 11:59pm on my dash and still got a boot. I had to pay $75 to get the boot taken off which was paid for on a CC. I am furious because I am a single mother and I definatley cannot afford this.

  48. 101:

    Read the tickets that print out and put them on your dash (face up). Pay close attention to the last line. Typically it says "NO IN AND OUTS ALLOWED"

    Read signs with the HUGE red letters "WARNING" on them before you leave ANY Starbucks parking lot. I know for a fact there are 8 posted at the one on 14th street and 7 signs posted at the one on 7th

    Read the signs posted at the entrance to every parking lot in the city of Atlanta.

    Read the signs on light poles IN the parking lots of retail malls or shopping centers that say "PARKING FOR SHOPPING CENTER ONLY" the indeed MEAN "ONLY"

    Read the signs on the walls of parking lots that say "PAY AUTOMATIC ATTENDANT" or "PAY HERE"

    Read the ANY and ALL signs of ANY lot if you are leaving it on foot and leaving your car there where you did not have to pay to park (ie: shopping centers)

    Read the stickers posted on the pay machines that say "NO CHANGE GIVEN" or "CALL THIS NUMBER" if the machine isn't working

    in a retail environment All booters are hired by property managers of the lots they are enforcing. Its the property manager being fed up with complaints from store owners that there is no parking for their patrons and that they are loosing business. It isnt the booters fault, its all the violators, the booters are just doing the jobs they were contracted to do.

    On pay Lots it is simply an issue of revenue. its like waiting tables, the more turns a waiter has on a table the more money they make. if you dont come back by your expiration time, the stall you are in cant "turn" therefore the company is loosing money and you(the violator) should be penalized for lost revenue. You wouldnt take food from a person leaving the table at a restaurant who tells you "Hey I didn't eat this pork chop, you can have it, I will just leave it on the table for you" would you? ~ NO! so dont take a parking ticket from somebody offering to give you theirs because there is still time on it. the person that bought the pork chop still had to pay for it and yes, they are trying to be nice but they didnt want it and they lost money because they didnt eat it and the waiter needs to seat somebody so he can make money. Same goes for parking. if you return before the time you paid for is up and you leave, its your loss, now go because the parking lot needs to make more money. if you take a ticket from somebody else its like taking the pork chop. The owners of the place you are eating wont dare let you do that because YOU didnt pay for it, order your own pork chop, why, so the restaurant can make money and stay open and give you good service and great food at a great price. You get where Im going with this...

    Yes, there are unethical booters as well as unethical booting companies need to be punished to the fullest extent. However, the legitimate booting companies that are doing what they are contracted to do are, in the big picture of things, helping with the flow of business to the establishment they are enforcing for. Even a sharks and Lions have to eat, its not pleasant but its all part of the flow of doing business in the jungle.

    "Man-Up" and admit "IM A DUMB-ASS for not reading". We all make mistakes, even booters, Im sure. To say that you are not going to visit/shop at an establishment where you were booted ever again is just proving the statement isn't just a one time thing, you are DUMB-ASS ALL the time...just sayin

    Here is the Deal: I have given you some insight as to what booters DONT want you to do (which is READ) and some helpful pointers too. If you want to get back at booters, pay attention to the things I mentioned above and there wont be a need for booters. ...just sayin

    Its THAT simple.

    1. Don't know who you are, but GREAT comment. There are a lot of DUMB-ASSES in this city for sure. Guess they didn't learn how to f--king in school.

    2. Eat me! Did you read that?

  49. To the guy above.

    Its not THAT simple, and people who try to reduce things to simplicity for their own mental convenience, are normally pretty stupid. Or people from boot companies trying to muddy the water.

    Consider these scenarios:

    1) Someone pays for a ticket, then gets wrongly accused of leaving and returning the lot. Is that fair?

    2) A lot doesn't have adequate signage, so the driver is not to know. They get booted. Is that fair?

    These are just two examples of many. You'll see that rarely are any of these cases as simple as "saw the sign, didn't buy a ticket, tried my luck, got booted". They are only a tiny, tiny minority of all the boots that happen.

    And yes, it does suck, and yes, they are scammers.

    So grow up and stop trying to troll.

  50. The fact is. There are signs posted where you park and people don't listen and they get booted. One idiots mistake is another mans profit. And calling the police does nothin because these boaters are licensed by the Atlanta police. And to the dumb ass above this comment it is always the case of people not reading the signs

    1. I called the police and my boot was removed !

    2. "Boaters"
      There's a fine product the fine ATL Public School System.

  51. Premier Parking aka Bootman
    Lucas "Luke" Pope
    Telephone: 678-880-7980
    Fax: 678.880.7979
    Spouse & bookkeeper Missy Pope
    Home address: 1077 Bradshaw Estates Drive, Canton, GA 30115 Business is run out of their home. Also, phone answers to Branded Expressions ... Missy Pope answers

  52. Premier PArking Enforcement aka Bootman Inc. located in

    •Atlanta, GA
    •Houston, TX
    •Dallas, TX
    •San Antonio, TX
    •New Orleans, LA


    Owner's Cell phone -Luke Pope# 4044021819
    Manager's cell -Shane Darrough #7706051004

    this company is a RIPP OFF!! Just call the Management (the company managing the parking lot, eg LAZ, Lanier, Park America, AAA, etc) of the Parking lot that your vehicle was booted on, and you will get their attention Then! also file a complaint with BBB

  53. IF U HAVE TO WAIT MORE THAN AN 1 Hr from the time u called to get the boot remove the booting company is Violation of the City ORDINANCE

  54. Ha Ha the Company that lost that case is called Premire PArking Enforcement aka Bootman Inc. located in

    •Atlanta, GA
    •Houston, TX
    •Dallas, TX
    •San Antonio, TX
    •New Orleans, LA


    Owner's Cell phone -Luke Pope# 4044021819
    Manager's cell -Shane Darrough #7706051004

    this company is a RIPP OFF!! Just call the Management (the company managing the parking lot, eg LAZ, Lanier, Park America, AAA, etc) of the Parking lot that your vehicle was booted on, and you will get their attention!

  55. The booting compaies in Atlanta are nothing more than scam artists. The actual booters are pawns of the boot company owners that get compensated per boot they place on a car. For instance, the actual worker is compensated per boot he puts on, not paid hourly.

    EVERY single lot should provide a receipt confirming payment. This is fair to both sides and proves when payment is made and expires.

    All signage should be clear and NOT misleading. This is done purposely to scam citizens and visitors out of their money.

    Its time for the Mayor of Atlanta and City Hall to regulate these companies accodingly on these unlawful tactics being used around town.

  56. THE POINT is, 75$ for beeing 6 minutes late is not fair, YES we read the sign, YES we understand the rules of the private property. BUT if you paid for 4 Hours and got there 4Hours and 6 minutes later, DOESN'T Mean you have to pay an idiot 75$ bucks to have him remove the boot he was just about done installing, it means you were late 6 minutes and you should be charged accordingly . A small fee, or the 1Hour parking fee, NOT 75 Dollars to have your car free to go. THIEVES ASS WHOLES, its not the way to do business .
    We are not here to complaint about the owner enforcing the private property rules, THE POINT here is the ridiculous fee and the way its done.

    1. Booted today at pine and peachtree and wanted to speak to someone at EPS about it, but nobody was available to take my call. So I left a message with the lady who was taking messages and was told it would be 24 hours before someone called me back. Had to leave as they charge per 24 hrs, so I was essentially coerced into paying the $75 or faced with an ever bigger fine if I waited to talk to someone first. They give you no options, even if you're wrongly accused, because there's nobody to talk to about it. Not how you should be able to legally run a business. Shame on the mayor and the city for allowing this to continue. Next time I'll vote for a mayor who keeps businesses accountable for the way they treat their customers (victims, not customers).

  57. The problem here is that there is no accountability. These signs often indicate a store or a number of stores that you may visit. Cars are then booted with insufficient proof that the driver visited an alternate location. Parking enforcement, a traditional state action is subject to due process. These companies offer no process by which to fairly be heard, such as a fair hearing. When the city boots your car, there are procedures in place by which you may appeal, that is the difference here.

    These businesses invite you onto your property and are required to show NO proof that you violated the terms of the so called agreement you entered into by parking at the establishment. By creating an atmosphere that invites customers in, and then allowing your uneducated, unaccountable employees to attach a boot, refusing to remove it without payment, you are entrapping and extorting people who have done nothing wrong.

    Further, all of these payments are coerced and made under duress. You should call the city, file a police report, and further file a complaint with your credit card company to stop payment.

    I wish I had the time to personally take this entire practice down.

  58. I was booted in a big truck, $500 and I was at a truck stop. There was no "no parking" signs. I was parked along the curve. I'm gonna see if I have a case and try and fight it. I'm not really sure how to go about it though. Should I go to small claims court or find representation? Any info would be appreciated.

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  68. so I'm in ATL for a job interview, I don't live there and there's no one in these parking lots for assistance...Needless to say that when I returned to my car I had 2 boots and had to pay $75 in which I really didn't even have to spare... all I wanted to do was go home which is 3 hours away! That $75 took away from gas to put in my car and my 2 year old's daughter birthday cake. what was to be a day for celebration turned out to be sad day because mommy came home and could not celebrate her baby's bday because some person without a heart demanded $75 from me...its like they would at least give you a warning or something...God don't like ugly and that company and everyone that works for them will pay in the end way more than $75 too!

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  103. I recently leased an apartment that has private parking and enforces a booting company to stop people from the local lounges to park in our complex and take all the spots. Well at first when i signed the leased and after i started moving in I was not informed of the parking regulations in any papers or verbally. My car and my guest's car was improperly booted. My boot was removed because I lived there (after 2 hours) but my guest's was still charged. Another guest of mine also got booted because no visitor parking was available even though they parked in the visitor area. Any suggestions for taking legal action?

  104. Was booted at St Marys Hospital in Knoxville Tn.My self and another family member tried to pay cash but the machine would not accept the cash and that's all we had.We both got booted while in the hospital taking a brother off life support.

  105. This company is heartless and is very unprofessional .

    1. I will pay all legal cost if you send me your contact information...All you have to do is agree to sue...Completely free to you...NO SCAM...just want to get rid of these type


Alasdair Baxter, Nottingham Discusses Clampers in His Area:

"From what I have seen most clampers come from the fringes of the criminal classes. They are of the same ilk as those who come to your door offering to tarmac the drive, demand a huge price and then drive you to your bank to get cash to pay them with.

Why does England and Wales not get in line with Scotland where private clamping is totally illegal."

Alasdair Baxter, Nottingham, UK.Tel +44 115 9705100; Fax +44 115 9423263

"Fred" from :


"The present legal position of clampers is a scandal and amounts to barely legal extortion in many cases. There is absolutely no excuse for failing to bring in a system of licensing that will regulate them.

We have all heard the horror stories, up to and including the deliberate setting up of tempting-looking sites to entrap the unwary. At up to £300 per victim the costs are easy to recoup.

I recently heard a case in court where the driver of a clamper truck was seen by the police to clamp a vehicle, whereupon they checked him over. It turns out that he has no licence, and his truck is uninsured. He then tried to give the officers false details, and only adjusted his attitude when they handcuffed him and put him in the police vehicle. He then failed to turn up to court, and I issued a warrant for his arrest.

The Government needs to find time for a short Bill bringing in licensing of clampers, with a proper code of practice. Perhaps a private member will oblige?"

"My point has nothing to do whether clamping is legal - it obviously is. What has happened though is that some clamping firms are in the extortion business rather than that of parking control.

In my area a car was towed away within four minutes of being left and the owner was told that it would cost him £385 to get his car (which was in an adjacent street) back.

Clampers have threatened and intimidated old and vulnerable people. All I am asking is that clampers are properly licensed, checked for criminal backgrounds, and that their behaviour be subject to a code of practice.

My story about the unlicensed and uninsured clamper who then tried to get arsy with the police was to illustrate what some of the clampers are like. They should be controlled."

Krissie Labanauskas "Car-Boot Racket; Old Navy Chicago, 60290"

"No Savings Here!"

"...Had a terrible experience here. Parked with intention of using coupon at Old Navy but had to use the restroom before shopping so ran across street to Starbucks....On way to shop at Old Navy, saw boot on my car! Store managers claim their hands are tied and cannot do anything regarding their customers being booted.

Car next to me was booted as well, when they had already shopped at Old Navy, one person was still in Old Navy at time of boot, and three others ran to Starbucks for a drink.

All in all, I paid $115 to remove boot...terrible experience, did not use coupon or shop at store after being rudely dismissed by manager.

No discretion to help out customers regarding boots sounds like a bunch of b*** s*** OR terrible corporate management/policy. Either way, avoid this store and certainly avoid the lot. Global Parking Management Inc. supposedly runs the lot.

March 17, 2009 by Krissie Labanauskas in Chicago, IL