Monday, January 17, 2011


Las Vegas, NV -- Dozens of parade-goers were steaming mad Monday afternoon when they returned to a downtown parking lot to find their cars had been 'booted'.

"A lot of people were yelling, a lot of people were swearing, a lot of people were cussing," says booted driver Breauna Trotter. "A lot of angry people."



  1. In most states towing a vehicle off a property when it illegally parks is the normal and accepted practice of parking lot enforcement for private property lots. Booting vehicles on private property is a new and very misunderstood industry. Booting vehicles in an unregulated industry will allow unprofessional, unethical, and uninsured business to set and establish their own rules and guidelines. This is a recipe for disaster.

    While booting may seem like a harsh practice it pales in comparison (when performed under proper regulations) to towing. First is the cost difference. Towing is typically 3-4 times the cost to the vehicle operator. That is without taking into consideration the cost and time to go to the tow yard to claim your vehicle. Secondly there is the visual issue of what a booted vehicle presents in a parking lot. When a vehicle is towed it only clears a space for the next person to park. When a vehicle is booted it sends out a loud and clear message to other vehicles that are considering parking illegally that they better pay attention to the posted signs. Yet nonconsensual (impound) towing is normal & accepted and booting is looked at negatively?

    Several people on this and other blogs have referred to booting as extortion, tampering, deprivation of property, etc… however the practice of towing a vehicle off of the property is accepted. Let’s think about this. When a car is legally towed the tow yard demands that a towing, release, and storage fee must be paid before the vehicle is released back to the owner. Extortion? When a vehicle is towed it is often necessary for the tow operator to break into the vehicle to put the car in neutral or disconnect the driveshaft to allow the rear wheel to move during a tow. Tampering? A towed vehicle is physically removed from the property to a secure impound yard without the vehicle owners permission. Deprivation of property? Theft? A legal and logical case can be made that towing is extortion, tampering, deprivation of property, and theft. If you look at all city and state statutes you will likely come to this conclusion. But it is not because the laws have been revised to specifically allow them to violate those laws. (when regulated and operating under the supervision of a local or state agency).

    Yes I do own and operate a parking enforcement company. Yes I am in favor of booting over towing. Yes I am a very strong advocate in regulating this industry on the city, county and state level so that fair and ethical companies can provide a (in my biased opinion) much better solution to property owners to protect their private property rights than the current practice of towing. I don’t have illusions that in a few paragraphs I will sway the opinions of those opponents of booting. I only hope that I can cause some to look at all of the facts, see the issue from both sides and be objective before formulating an opinion.

  2. "Booting or Towing" is the set of "choices" given to the victims. They are told that they were done a favor by the booter.

    What a crock. You should be ashamed of yourself. In my city, the police may not even boot a car without a consent form.

    How can you defend a practice which has been ruled in hundreds of cases to constitute theft and extortion?

    You're worse than a shill. You're a self-righteous criminal.


  3. I believe people should pay attention to posted signs and if they don't the deserve the repercussions.

  4. ^So. Your ignorant beliefs do not entitle you to strip away the rights of others for personal gain.

    You're an unrepentant criminal.

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Alasdair Baxter, Nottingham Discusses Clampers in His Area:

"From what I have seen most clampers come from the fringes of the criminal classes. They are of the same ilk as those who come to your door offering to tarmac the drive, demand a huge price and then drive you to your bank to get cash to pay them with.

Why does England and Wales not get in line with Scotland where private clamping is totally illegal."

Alasdair Baxter, Nottingham, UK.Tel +44 115 9705100; Fax +44 115 9423263

"Fred" from :


"The present legal position of clampers is a scandal and amounts to barely legal extortion in many cases. There is absolutely no excuse for failing to bring in a system of licensing that will regulate them.

We have all heard the horror stories, up to and including the deliberate setting up of tempting-looking sites to entrap the unwary. At up to £300 per victim the costs are easy to recoup.

I recently heard a case in court where the driver of a clamper truck was seen by the police to clamp a vehicle, whereupon they checked him over. It turns out that he has no licence, and his truck is uninsured. He then tried to give the officers false details, and only adjusted his attitude when they handcuffed him and put him in the police vehicle. He then failed to turn up to court, and I issued a warrant for his arrest.

The Government needs to find time for a short Bill bringing in licensing of clampers, with a proper code of practice. Perhaps a private member will oblige?"

"My point has nothing to do whether clamping is legal - it obviously is. What has happened though is that some clamping firms are in the extortion business rather than that of parking control.

In my area a car was towed away within four minutes of being left and the owner was told that it would cost him £385 to get his car (which was in an adjacent street) back.

Clampers have threatened and intimidated old and vulnerable people. All I am asking is that clampers are properly licensed, checked for criminal backgrounds, and that their behaviour be subject to a code of practice.

My story about the unlicensed and uninsured clamper who then tried to get arsy with the police was to illustrate what some of the clampers are like. They should be controlled."

Krissie Labanauskas "Car-Boot Racket; Old Navy Chicago, 60290"

"No Savings Here!"

"...Had a terrible experience here. Parked with intention of using coupon at Old Navy but had to use the restroom before shopping so ran across street to Starbucks....On way to shop at Old Navy, saw boot on my car! Store managers claim their hands are tied and cannot do anything regarding their customers being booted.

Car next to me was booted as well, when they had already shopped at Old Navy, one person was still in Old Navy at time of boot, and three others ran to Starbucks for a drink.

All in all, I paid $115 to remove boot...terrible experience, did not use coupon or shop at store after being rudely dismissed by manager.

No discretion to help out customers regarding boots sounds like a bunch of b*** s*** OR terrible corporate management/policy. Either way, avoid this store and certainly avoid the lot. Global Parking Management Inc. supposedly runs the lot.

March 17, 2009 by Krissie Labanauskas in Chicago, IL